Parents Corners

Name:-Ritwik Raj
Date of birth:- 29-11-2012
Father’s Name:-Rajeev mishra
Name:-Aarav kumar
Date of birth:- 26-08-2012
Father’s Name:-Sujit kumar

adrit kumar
Name:-Adrit Kumar
Date of birth:- 03-03-2012
Father’s Name:-Amit kumar sahay
anirudhh kumar
Name:-Anirudhh kumar
Date of birth:- dob-19-12-2011
Father’s Name:- Anil kumar gupta
Name:-Daksh kumar
Date of birth:- 02-01-2011
Father’s Name:- R. Deepak kumar

khushi kumari
Name:-khushi kumari
Date of birth:- ————
Father’s Name:-Daramvir Ram
manish kumar
Name:-Manish kumar
Date of birth:- ————-
Father’s Name:-Dharamvir Ram
Date of birth:- 03-10-2011
Father’s Name:-Manoj kumar singh

nimit kumar sahay
Name:-nimit kumar sahay
Date of birth:- 03-03-2012
Father’s Name:-Amit kumar sahay


Name:-Tanya Kumari
Date of birth:- 28/03/2011
Father’s Name:- Vimesh Kumar
Name:-Arpit Kumar
Date of birth:- 09-11-2011
Father’s Name:- Satendra Narayan Singh


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